The New Route tips: Discover Lausanne with AppJobber

A Jobber once described us as: “An easy way to discover new places in your area and earn some extra pocket-money in return”. In this sense, the AppJobber app is more than just a useful tool to earn a little money. AppJobber also gives us the possibility to experience the city in which we live from a new perspective to take new stops on our walks, to discover new places and to meet new friends along the way.

We would like to show you the AppJobber world from this perspective. Each month we will introduce a wonderful European city or region, where our jobs can accompany the adventurous on a small journey of discovery.


- so small and so jobalicious -

Fotos: CC-BY-SA-2.0 v.l.n.r. Christina Mehlführer/wikimedia, Grolimur/Flickr, Kosala Bandara/Flickr, Arnaud Gaillard/wikimedia, Nouhailler/Flickr

The smallest town in Switzerland is charming and truly enchanting, with french flair and a touch of southern panache. With 7 jobs in a single kilometre radious Lausanne is among the top 5 AppJobber cities in Switzerland. Located right on the shore of Lake Geneva, with a fabulous view of the sub- alpine mountain range, the city is perfect for a wonderfully relaxing weekend destination.

There are a few things you just have to do when you are in Lausanne! Number one on that list is to take in the unbelievably beautiful view of Lake Geneva and the snow covered mountain peaks from the cathedral’s tower. Secondly, you cannot go to Lausanne without drinking a hot chocolate in La Barbare it is infamous. The sweet café is close to the cathedral at the Escaliers du Marché, from where you can enjoy the quaint view of the medieval city. While enjoying a cup of liquid gold, there is a little time to register as a survey participant and earn your first 4,50 CHF.

After two street name checks for 2,40 CHF and a nice walk through the small streets of the historic town centre, its time for lunch. Maybe you'll stumble upon a newly opened restaurant? For each new restaurant you'll get 2 CHF and possibly discover a lausannian speciality.

Verfügbaren AppJobber-Jobs in Lausanne

From the Swiss Frank earned through the restaurant-checks, you can rent a bick at the train station for just 2 CHF/hour. Once you've grabbed your bike you can do even more street checks for 1,20 CHF (more than 40 of these Jobs in Lausanne's city centre) those nature lovers among you can take a bike tour through the Lavaux vineyards, always sensational and maybe you'll get a glimpse of those training for the Tour of Romandie

As beautiful as Lausanne is, sleeping in the Olympic Museum is not really an option, so here we have two recommendations for the smaller budget. The 'Lausanne Guesthouse' offers dorm rooms for €35 pp but for those of us that are not lovers of the hostelkulture the delightful 'le Raisin' Hotel for €70 pp is a great alternative.

Before you get a good nights sleep, there is nothing better than an evening stroll to inspire sweet dreams. In the dark you might find some broken neon lights to report for 4 CHF each.

Lausanne gets a definite bonus from AppJobber staff for its free WiFi in the city and the Port of Ouchy, making it a great place for an AJ adventure.

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