Anew every week: Our Motorola-Checks

Which smartphones are sold? And what is recommended to you in the store? These are the questions our Motorola-Check revolves around. It is an absolute job classic at appJobber and is waiting for you in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, UK, Poland and Germany. But the best part is: You can do this job every week anew! That means: Fixed pocket money. :)

Get started with appJobber and earn some money with our Motorola-Checks

What to do?
Visit the store mentioned in the job. Look there for Motorola smartphones and take pictures of all Motorola smartphones on the market. Then get advice on Android smartphones from a local employee and make a note of the recommendations.

You should plan about 10-15 minutes for the check. As a reward you can expect 10 € per job. And since a little routine is not bad, you can do the jobs almost every week. Once you've got the hang of it, things run like clockwork and you may set new record times for the job. 😄 But nevertheless: Pay attention to all information in the help section.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your fixed pocket money!

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